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Black Top Coating

Rust-oleum EpoxyShield Blacktop Coating

• Advanced Acrylic Blacktop Coating
• 10 Year Warranty
• Fast Drying
• Drive Ready - 4 hrs

EPOXYSHIELD® Blacktop Coating’s advanced acrylic formula lasts longer than conventional asphalt-based coatings, revitalizing worn and faded driveways to like-new, jet black appearance.

Covers up to 800 Sq. Ft.: One 2-gallon bucket of EPOXYSHIELD® Blacktop Coating provides the same coverage as two 5-gallon buckets of conventional asphalt coating.

Easy Application: Easy to use and fast drying, reducing the time you need to complete your project. Just open and roll on like paint.

Fast Drying: Your driveway will be ready in only 4 hours!

Application Tip: For faster application, pour coating out of bucket and directly onto driveway and use an 18” roller cover to spread.

10 Year Warranty: EPOXY SHIELD Blacktop Coating comes with a 10 year warranty